Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Coaching Tools ~ Mentimeter


Mentimeter: Interactive Presentation Software

With the impact of the pandemic causing almost all meetings to be virtual, it seems appropriate to add tools to your presentation toolbox. Especially if you want to keep your audience engaged. But what if you could keep them engaged and involved AFTER the presentation? 

I learned about Mentimeter at a recent presentation when it was used to poll the audience. When Ilooked into it, I found that Mentimeter was more than just a polling software; it was an amazing full-service presentation software. 

It helps you create presentations by using live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As, and more regardless if you’re remote, hybrid, or face-to-face. 

This software is especially great for coaches who are presenting online or offline, as it not only helps you prepare and increase engagement, it also allows follow up. Once your Mentimeter presentation is over, you can share and export your results for further analysis and even compare data over time to measure the progress of your audience. 

You also have the ability to add extra features such as Wordcloud to create stunning word clouds in real-time; Translate to translate in real-time


How does it apply to you in your life?
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