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choice is the ultimate resource for professional coaches in the wonderful arena of professional coaching. We’re more than a magazine; choice is a community for people who use coaching in their work or personal lives. We’ve been building our strong, passionate following in the coaching industry for more than a decade.

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“It is the only magazine that I carry around with me. And every article I open to, there's something that I can either use in a blog post I can use for my marketing. I can use, you know, in, to improve my coaching. Every article has a practical use to me. I don't know of any other resource that does that.”

- Marcia Reynolds

“It is a brilliant and incredibly well-done publication. BRAVO to you!!”

- Eileen McDargh

Some of our more popular issues cover topics such as...

Understanding neuroscience and coaching

Learn how successful coaches leverage the neuroscience of coaching to produce solid results.

Mastering the psychology of coaching

The psychology of coaching changes for every client. Read essays explaining how to arrive at the perfect approach.

Coaching and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Learn how professional coaches are having a positive impact on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Developing your professional coaching skills

Professional coaching changes constantly. Stay up to date with the latest methods.

How to coach resilience

Learn the secrets of moving from disruption to recovery by using and developing resilience.

Learn how to coach high achievers

Coaching high achieving men, women and LGBTQ people need the same level of precision. Learn how it's done.

Running your professional coaching business

Succeed as a professional coaching business owner with great advice from successful coaches.

Marketing your professional coaching business

Learn how to market your professional coaching business with expert insights into social media, email and other marketing secrets for coaches.

“I have been slowly but steadily discovering the high-quality and engaging in so many ways resources you have created or got for us, coaches, and so our clients, and I wanted to say thank you.

I struggle finding peer coaches in my direct environment to connect with and build trust, and choice and the community you have created has been a fantastic replacement!"

- Hanna Magdziarek

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