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Get Yourself Out of the WAY! by Suzi Pomerantz

We are happy to share an article from our friend Suzi Pomerantz, MT, MCC, award-winning executive coach, internationally credentialed Master Certified Coach, and international  #1 bestselling author, titled Get Yourself Out of the WAY! 10 mental habits to put you in service to your clients Get Yourself Out of the WAY! At its core, coaching is […]

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Support for Team Coaches Moving to 100% Virtual Team Meetings in a Global Pandemic

This week’s guest blogger, Christine Thornton, provides support for team coaches moving to  100% virtual team meetings in a global pandemic Here’s what she had to say… Turn up first as a person with as much courage and empathy as you can muster.  The global pandemic profoundly affects everyone. Help leaders and team members acknowledge […]

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But My Clients…

You As Team Coach Going beyond the surface to create coaching partnerships “But my clients…” All too often I hear this refrain from coach practitioners who are engaged by organizations to partner with leaders and teams as an explanation for not coaching. The sentence is finished in a variety of ways: “But my clients say […]

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