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Through our program, you'll have the chance to align your brand with our respected platform, reaching a targeted audience of professionals.

Our commission-based system ensures transparency in tracking the effectiveness of your promotions, while cross-sharing results post-promotion fostering mutual growth and recognition.

Contact us today to explore how our Trusted Partner Program can help elevate your brand's presence within the coaching community.

Trusted Partner Option #1


  • 4 Solo Email Promotions

  • 4 Solo Email Promotions to Unopened Emails

  • 4 Friday Recap Email Mentions

  • 6 Facebook & LinkedIn Posts

  • 2 Maximum Promotions a Year



per 4-week promotional period

Trusted Partner Option #2


  • 2 Solo Email Promotions

  • 2 Solo Email Promotions to Unopened Emails

  • 2 Friday Recap Email Mentions

  • 4 Facebook & LinkedIn Posts

  • 2 Maximum Promotions a Year



per 4-week promotional period

General Information

  • You must have a commission-based system (ability to track clicks/opt-ins/sales) that sales came from choice.
  • Garry will be the initial contact and then supported by Nancy and the choice team.
  • Results will be cross-shared post-promotion.
  • A promotional period is a series of consecutive weeks. Ie. 4 emails over 4 consecutive weeks.

Preparation for a Promotion

  • *The prices listed under each option are a deposit towards commissions earned and must be made to confirm your place in our calendar.
  • You are responsible for creating and sending any copy and images well in advance of the promotion.
  • We have been advised by some email gurus that the copy should include no more than 3 links.

Additional Options

  • Promotion via Friday weekly recaps is unlimited at $150 per week. Text copy may have up to 150 words and a unique link.
  • Advertise in choice ~ special 50% discount on one ad and 65% on 2 or more. Click here for more information.
  • Writing for choice ~ find out how easy it is to write for choice. Click here for more information.
  • Become a Subscription Affiliate¬†

*Please note, we do not guarantee the results of any promotion we support. We do our best to share the information you provide to our networks and support you as best we can.


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