Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Masterful Coaching From The Inside Out

We are happy to share an article from our friend Bill Price, titled Masterful Coaching From The Inside Out. A Neuroscience Approach To The Inner World Of A Master Executive Coach-Mentor. 

Dr. Price is a Master Coach who has developed the enviable reputation of being a Coach and Mentor who consistently wins the trust of those he works with. He empowers his High-Performance executive clients to grow in confidence, improve their decision-making abilities, grow in the art of asking the right questions to get the right answers, enhance their creativity and develop problem-solving abilities thereby empowering them to resolve challenging issues either personally or professionally.


On-board and Executive Coaching is a powerful tool to assist in the advancement of professional and private lives amid significant changes constantly occurring in the complexities of modern life. The Coaching industry is not immune to these changes and The Forbes’ Coaches’ Council has declared that Executive Coaching will significantly evolve in the next ten years. It is becoming apparent however that truly transformative coaching is far more than the simple use of processes, principles, and techniques. Truly effective coaching occurs when the Coach can deeply connect with the Client’s inner world. In other words, life-changing coaching is from, “the inside out”. Working through this lens of, “inside out”, the Coach draws from their inner world, wherein their capacities, skills, knowledge, experience, coaching skills, conscious and unconscious competencies, and wisdom preside and, from these deep resources, opens a vast and beautiful world of opportunity for the Client,  a world based on the future Focused (™) solution of their client. When this occurs, a delightful dance commences wherein, to the intoxicating rhythm of the multi-complexities and opportunities of life, the Coach joyfully parades the Client through the full dimensions of the dance floor of opportunities and possibilities upon which they now find themselves.  In this dance, the Coach ensures that the steps taken encourage the Client to improve their capacity to develop processes aimed at realizing their desires which, when achieved, will be deeply satisfying and further motivate the Client to single-mindedly apply themselves to executing further intentions.Masterful Coaching

A masterful Coach will not only effectively interact with the inner world of the Client but also, in the execution of their coaching models, techniques, and tools will have the ability to be deeply empathetic. This will enable them to be keenly aware of the emotional dimension as it unfolds both within themselves and the Client, sensitizing them to emotional boundaries and ensuring that tension and mistrust are minimized in the Coaching relationship. A Master Coach will therefore prioritize the creation of a relationship wherein the Client can develop in their trust and respect of the Coach further empowering the Coach to effectively lead through asking pertinent questions aimed at assisting the Client in developing their critical and strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. As the Client begins to see the resolution of either personal or professional challenges, confidence will grow in the Coaching relationship and future opportunities for deeper, more meaningful interactions between the Coach and Client will be created.  

Along with a highly developed EQ, a Master Coach will also have a deep somatic awareness and the ability to be personally courageous to challenge any cognitive biases, self-limiting beliefs, generalizations, deletions or distortions, that their Client’s brain may bring on to the stage in its attempt to avoid changes that are being introduced through the Coaching relationship. The Master Coach will be aware of the threefold defense mechanism our brain will engage to preserve the status quo. Firstly, our brains will seek to make the source of change inconspicuous and therefore almost “invisible” to our attention. This will be done by either seeking to diminish the clarity of the source or distracting us from it so that we do not cognitively engage with this new thought process. If unsuccessful, the brain will then unleash a vitriolic barrage, building an empirical argument attacking our identity and self-esteem by reminding us of earlier failed attempts at change and therefore the impossibility of now attempting this once again. If this too does not work, then the brain is seeking to reduce the dynamic energy and clarity needed to fuel the mental and physical activities necessary for change to be pursued and realized, will in a desperate attempt to preserve the statuesque, diminish the amount of energy the body and nervous system needs for optimal functionality.

Understanding advancements that neuroscience is bringing to the coaching industry combined with the use of positive psychology, personal development and, with certain coaches, the understanding of spirituality and of being connected to something bigger than myself, a Master Coach will be able to assist a Client to formulate new ways of assimilating knowledge, integrate paradigm shifts and produce dynamic patterns of achievement in both their leadership execution and personal lives. A Neuroscience Master Coach trainer can work with 4 to 7 levels of consciousness, 15 brain intelligence’s, 24 sorting filters, 27 cognitive biases, seven levels of logical thinking, a range of over 1000 emotions, ingrained value and belief systems, and self-limiting belief patterns that significantly hinder and prevent individuals from obtaining and walking in the fullness of their potential. This somatic awareness and high IQ enable the Master Coach, from a position of conscious awareness, vigilance, and staying present in the moment, to internally work with the client’s stated and subliminal needs. In such circumstances, the coaching interaction often takes on a synergistic nature wherein both the Client and Coach can grow and mutually experience “AHA-Moments”.

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