Things to consider before writing for choice Magazine

Have you ever wondered how we choose which articles to publish in a particular issue of choice?

First, we should explain that we receive 20 to 30 submissions for consideration in each issue of choice.

We thoroughly read, discuss and consider every single one, and the final selections are based on the following criteria:

  1. You must be a current subscriber or advertiser to have an article submitted for consideration. To subscribe or renew click here
  2. Is the article written to the level and quality we and our readers expect from choice?
  3. Does the article adequately address the chosen theme of the issue, or does the article fit the editorial direction of one of our columns? (impact, perspective, etc. Click buttons below for more info)
  4. Is the article free of self-promotion? Self-promotional articles are not accepted. If we decide to use the article, we will either send it back for editing to remove the promotional copy, or we will do it for you.
  5. Is the article objective? (i.e. free of personal opinion, judgment, and criticism based on opinion rather than fact. There are exceptions such as the Book Review or interviews)
  6. Is the article focused on application and learning, as opposed to just theory?
  7. Is the article different enough from the other articles submitted? (In a case where we receive two similar articles, we first look at which one is better, and all things being equal, we will usually choose the article from the more recognized expert in the field being discussed).
  8. If the article is in interview format, does the person being interviewed has some recognized expertise in the particular field being discussed?
  9. Is there enough space to run the article?

Due to the volume of articles, we do not personally reply to every submission. However, we WILL notify you if we choose your article for publication. Articles that cannot be published in one issue due to space or theme considerations will be kept on file for possible publication in a future issue of choice.

We reserve the right to change our submission and publication policies and timeframe as appropriate.

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