Monday, December 23, 2019

Why creating more free time is what REALLY matters

It’s a special time of the year. A time when having free time REALLY matters.

Why? Maybe we want to spend some time with friends and family celebrating the season.
Or perhaps taking the time to recharge ourselves from the usual day-to-day madness.

Can you create time?

Of course, you can!
Why? Because free time matters

And here’s how…

The very first thing you have to do is be clear about why you want to take this free time.
For me, it truly is to just stop, breathe, and reset myself for a bit. It’s been a busy year, as I’m sure it’s been for you, and you just can’t keep going with your foot on the gas pedal 24/7.

In my other blog “Free Time Bootcamp” I recently wrote about the 24/7 “foot off the gas pedal” scenario. >>> Click here to check it out <<<

So what is it for you? Have fun, be realistic, and stand by it…REALLY.
Like your life depends on it. Studies show lack of downtime could cause permanent downtime 🙁

Once you’ve decided about your time off work, start connecting with the people, places, and things that will truly inspire and recharge you. We start having family holiday dinners and gatherings starting the beginning of the month. That way it feels less hurried and more relaxed. And if you’re doing gift-giving, it means a slower pace and provides an easier impact on your wallet.

All that being said, some gatherings are mandatory but think about how you can prepare and participate with less hassle than usual. Perhaps it means some reflective time before the event and lots of breathing exercises during…:) Just don’t overdo it. Monitor yourself and take a break while you’re there.

By “stand but it” I mean commit to it. Make a commitment to creating free time. 

Being realistic, how much time do you want and need to create? A few days, a week, 2 weeks?

I’m literally blocking out my calendar for two weeks. I’m also setting up an autoresponder to let people know that I’m taking a break.

Once you’ve pondered these questions, time to look back at what you are leaving behind.
What work is undone? Can it be “paused”?
I’m sure that if there were an emergency it would be paused.

So stand in your commitment, sort through everything, book time AFTER your free time to work on it and then…LEAVE IT BEHIND!!

To recap…

  • look at what you’d like to do with some holiday free time,
  • commit to it look 
  • organize and prepare,
  • have fun and enjoy it.

You’ve earned it. You need it.

And above all, be kind to yourself…promise me

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