Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Using Positive Psychology in Your Coaching Business: How to Panic During a Pandemic ~ Part 2

Using Positive Psychology in Your Coaching Business: How to Panic During a Pandemic ~ Part 2

In continuation of part 1 on disturbance, let’s now look at how resilience plays a role in coaching your clients.

Using Positive Psychology in Your Coaching Business to Do a Mindset Reset

Now have your client take a look at their business’s mission statement and values. Do they mirror their values? Is their mission statement being met? Are their values being respected in their business? Have them take the time to deeply examine this. Have their values changed? Is their mission statement still relevant? Go ahead and do the same for your business and yourself.    Disruption

Examine yourself, your situation, and see if your values have changed given the current atmosphere. Disruption is often thought of throwing off tangible processes but it can also completely upset intangible aspects as well. This may be distressing and that is okay. Often people believe values are something locked in but that is not always the case.

An excellent example is someone who has always had food and never worried about having enough to eat, throwing out leftovers suddenly experiencing a food shortage for the first time. Their values adapt by prioritizing food when they never had before. They may get upset with themselves for not saving that one really delicious slice of turkey meat at Thanksgiving that one time five years ago. That is because they did not place the value on food that they do now. It’s upsetting to look at your past self essentially disrespecting something so important to you now.

How do you fix your business mission statement and values when they no longer match the situation?

You do a mindset reset. Sit down and list all your values, what is important to you now, what you want your business mission to be. It can be exactly what it was before, it can be similar but fine-tuned, and it can be completely different. What changes need to be implemented to reflect these new or fine-tuned values? How can these changes be made? What’s the budget for each one? Timeline?

Taking the time to fully understand and analyze your business when mass change and disruption occurs allows you to develop a plan to adapt. You create certainty for your employees, your business, and even yourself. You have a game plan. This is resilience.

From Disheartening Disruption to Triumphant Resilience

Resilience– the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Disruption can be transformed from something totally negative and crushing to something difficult but ultimately positive. You can use disruption to implement creative destruction ultimately leading to resilience. Disruption is a force of change, and you can help yourself and your client make that change beneficial by using positive psychology in your coaching business to develop resilience. After all, if need is the mother of invention, resilience is the mother of innovation. 

How does it apply to you in your life?
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