Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Truth or Fantasy ~ Coaching with a no-sell approach

We are pleased to share an article entitled “Truth of Fantasy ~ Coaching with a no-sell approach” written by Terri Levine.

I remember 30 years ago when a friend found out I had quit my job as CEO of a national healthcare company to do “coaching.” She said, “You must be kidding. Did you throw away your Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD for some fad? How unprofessional of you.”

She wasn’t the first, but I ignored her and everyone else because I wanted to transform lives and businesses, and I knew I could.

I love this industry, yet I find that many people believe their dream of having a successful coaching business is only a fantasy they can’t achieve.

Why? Although the coaching industry does claim that coaches help clients reach their goals, there are so many fake “coaches” and “gurus” out there. Don’t get me wrong — there are amazing coaches in the industry, and I have hired and trained many.

Coaching can be an esteemed field that truly creates transformation for clients, and if you have skills and address a major problem for a special interest group, you can have an incredible business as a coach.

You got into or are getting into this business to transform people. You need to be sure that your work gives people the desired results and not just what YOU choose to offer.

Following are a few tips to help your clients achieve results and allow you to have the business you desire and deserve.


Everything starts with setting yourself and your clients up for success. During the onboarding process, I encourage you to get an agreement from the client on the objectives

for which you are partnering.

You must be able to help clients reach their goals and not make any false expectations or promises. With the right coaching skills, you can transform your clients’ business, life, health and relationships. Just be clear on what result you are both committed to achieving.


As a coach, you will increase your income IF you first research your target audience and, in their words (not yours), discover the ONE result they desire and are willing to invest in. Then you won’t need to pitch or sell them because they are already hungry for the result you offer.

When you deliver value online daily by doing podcasts, videos, live streams, appearing in the media, sending valuable emails and giving away your best content for free, you will always have many people in your audience raising their hands for your services.

By showing value by educating and using client case studies to show how you intend to help people, you will find an audience ready to engage with you and willing to invest in your services.

If you want to increase your income, influence and impact, simply show up daily and help and serve your target audience. There is no need to DM, sell, advertise or pitch. When you create value, people flock to you.

When people ask me how I got 30 clients in my first 30 days in this business with no list or audience before the internet, email or social media were in use, I tell them I created value for people every day. I still do this in meetings, by mail, in writing and on the phone, with true transformational breakthrough sessions but selling nothing. People see the value for themselves and come to me and ask to work with me. This is still how I do it today.


Because I owned a coach training school years ago, I got to talk to many people who wanted to be a coach but didn’t move forward. Today, I talk to too many people who aren’t successful and are leaving the profession.

These two types of people have something in common. Wannabe coaches are underequipped to get results. They fear they can’t create transformations, so they won’t have any clients. And coaches in the industry who make huge claims and don’t deliver also don’t have enough clients or income rolling in.

Worse, they don’t even realize how undertrained they are. They’re systematically exposed to the illusion that they CAN do what they claim, and they are trained to claim a lot. Things like creating happy relationships in the family, having a successful business, overcoming anxiety and self-loathing, and even actual therapy vs. coaching issues.

What coaches are terrible at is reality-checking and checking the goals they promise clients will achieve.

Wannabe coaches in the field don’t want to promote their services to friends as they don’t like to “sell” friends. What do you think they are afraid of? You may share their fears.

Be honest here. Are you sure you can get people results? Are you confident people will get real tangible results and transformations with your services?


When I began in this industry as an unknown, I got 30 clients in 30 days because I knew I could create results and value and easily demonstrate it. I have learned ONLY to take on committed clients for whom I can guarantee results. You can ensure a change in health, wealth, attitude, income, relationship, career, etc. Anything you offer as a coach needs to be tied to an actual tangible result, and if you don’t have the confidence to provide that, perhaps you need training or a different business.

Clients are ready for my coaching when they agree to the commitments. I tell them they will need to decide to our contract. If they aren’t committed — they aren’t my client. If they agree, I know I can help them. Implementers and action-takers are the only people I work with because I am in the transformation business and not chit-chatting with people.

All of my agreements are customized to give clients the result they are hiring me for — guaranteed. I have to do my part, and they have to do theirs, and together we form a partnership of sorts. Weekly, we make sure we are both doing what we agreed to.


One of the things I have enjoyed in my career is talking to new people online and offline, getting to know them and their goals. I don’t care if they hire me or not. I enjoy transforming lives and businesses, and I can’t stop.

Inviting someone I meet on or offline into my programs or services is easy. I don’t sell. I don’t pitch. I don’t cold DM or email. I don’t “close,” and I don’t overcome objections. I listen and deeply tune in, hear what is up for someone, and ask myself IF I have a solution to help them. If I do, I extend my hand to them. If not, I may suggest another course, coach, program, event or book.


As a coach who earns a very good living and has for more than 30 years, I believe in coaching so much that I invest in eight coaches per year. No joke. A humor coach, a business coach, a relationship coach, a nutrition coach, a strength coach, etc. I can’t stop coaching or speaking of it, as it is in my DNA. This includes staying ahead of the curve, learning the patterns of the industry before they become trends, and then paying it forward to your client family members.

Take AI, for instance. This tool alone has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of coaching and allow people who would not normally be able to afford it to benefit from coaching.

AI coaching offers something human coaches always struggle with: constant availability. Think of it more as a ‘coach-on-demand’ so you can scale with more clients. Because I fully embrace coaching and the results it delivers, I am a coach — I am always being a coach. People come to me and raise their hands to work with me because I let them see how dedicated I am to coaching and to their success.

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