Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The latest issue of choice has been mailed!


The June 2020 issue “Breaking the Glass Ceiling. Coaching women in leadership?” has been mailed.

We welcome more people to write for choice.

It’s SUPER EASY! Three steps to getting published into an international magazine read by your peers.


It’s Garry Schleifer from choice, the magazine of professional coaching.

I thought I’d do something a little different this week instead of just your regular written blog and get out and say, hello, live and in-person from sunny Toronto, Canada. You can see the city of Mississauga in the background.

Just wanted to say thank you to all the writers and everyone on my team for putting together another fabulous issue of choice. This issue is in the mail “Breaking the Glass Ceiling. Coaching women in leadership.”

Truly, I want to thank all of the writers because without their help. I gained many insights as to what’s really going on in the realm of women in leadership. And I really appreciate their help, their wisdom and their actionable items as we like to do in every one of our issues of choice.

A reminder that the deadline for writing for the next issue of choice is September 1.

It’s really easy to write for choice

Just go to, well, first of all, you can go to this issue and it tells you right on the back page, or go to and click the “Write for choice” tab. 

It’s like to say super easy three steps, read a copy of choice, and you can go to our website and get a free back issue. We prefer it if you were a subscriber.

If you’re watching this video rather use the coupon code, FRIENDSOFCHOICE when you’re subscribing and you’ll get some money off and who doesn’t love money off the deadline. 

As I mentioned the deadline is September 1 and the next issue is called evoking awareness.
What does it take to expand and shift your client’s perspective, et cetera?
Also, you can find this here and on that page. 

Here’s step one…

Read choice! 

Step 2 ~ take the wisdom in your head and pull it out through your heart and onto paper or document and send it over to us. 

We have an editor we have proofreaders, we have a designer.
We make it look good, and we’ll give you a copy of it after it’s done.

So remember…September 1 deadline…Evoking Awareness.

We’re looking for theme and non-theme articles for every issue. 

So please, please consider writing.
You don’t even have to be a coach to be a writer.
You just have to be someone who coaches want to read about and follow. 

So please do that. 

The question we are asked most…how many words, 1200 to 1400, and what is the deadline?

September 1. How many times can I say that?
And thank you again for being a subscriber of choice. 

If you’re not, go to, click on the subscriber, new button, use the coupon code FRIENDSOFCHOICE and choose a one year, two-year or three-year digital, print, or combo subscription. 

Yes, we deliver around the world. 

Thanks again, everyone happy reading.

This issue was mailed and emailed to subscribers in late June.

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