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Coaching through COVID-19

IT’S HERE…choice Magazine’s latest issue “From TRIAGE to RECOVERY, Coaching through COVID-19“. In case you are not familiar with us,  choice Magazine is the vehicle that forwards the global conversation about professional coaching by providing: diverse perspectives, thought-provoking commentary, insightful discussion, and access to services, tools, resources, and practical information. The current issue has just […]

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Power Play by Angela Cusack

We are thrilled to share an article from our friend Angela Cusack, Ed.S., MCC of Igniting Success, titled: Power Play. Power Play Women leaders, me included, yearn for deeper and more satisfying relationships with one another and our male counterparts. We often feel frustrated by the countless misunderstandings and struggles of finding the right words […]

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Being With – Beyond coaching for performance, for all genders

We recently published the issue called “Coaching Mastery – Being With: Beyond coaching for performance, for all genders” written by Janet M. Harvey, MCC, CMS, ACS The proverbial glass ceiling is constructed by everyone, by some overtly and by others unconsciously through habit. Both conditions and anything in between is well served through professional coaching. […]

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