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Mentor Coach as a Coach-Mentor by Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby

We are pleased to share an article entitled  “Mentor Coach as a Coach-Mentor” written by Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby This article’s title highlights an invitation to bring your coach-self to the forefront when mentoring coach clients (mentees.) As mentor coaches, we bring knowledge of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Competencies, and related minimum skills requirements, in […]

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Striving Toward Inclusive and Belonging-Friendly Social Media

We are happy to share an article from our friend  Eric Z. Johnson, of Eric Z. Johnson.com where he is on a mission to help business owners simplify their lead generation process and win new clients in a streamlined and authentic way, so they too can have highly profitable businesses, titled Striving Toward Inclusive and Belonging-Friendly Social Media. Striving Toward Inclusive […]

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