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Expert Series: The Strategic Exit Strategy. Part 1 of 4

The Strategic Exit Strategy:  7 Steps to More Revenue and Happier Clients. Part 1 of 4  Growth and client acquisition is important for every coach’s survivability. This means that for many coaches their energy can get quite heightened around attracting tribes, building community and the like. This is great, there’s nothing wrong with that, but […]

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Expert Series: Success, Happiness & Impact on Business. Part 4 of 4

Looking at the Big Picture: Success, Happiness & Impact on Business. Part 4 of 4 We began this 4-part series by looking at some challenging, yet utterly important questions: What is happiness? Success? Are you completely happy? Are you working on your ‘self?’ We looked for fresh perspectives, inspiration, and knowledge from Sherpas who have stood […]

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