Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Coaching Tools ~ The Results Roadmap™

Coaching Tools ~ The Results Roadmap™

Coaching that combines results and neuroscience has always been one of the keynotes of The Results Roadmap™ tool. It has now been digitally roadmap adapted for easy delivery in virtual coaching to both individual clients and in virtual group coaching. 

The Results Roadmap™ has its roots in a neuroscience-based model called The Results System™ used by coaches for more than 20 years. The Results Roadmap™ creates a visual picture for a client’s desired result that uncovers all the thinking and behavior that contributes and detracts from successful completion. The coach and client then build a clear, tangible plan that helps the client take the right actions.

The digital adaption of this hardcopy coaching tool employs the widely-used Microsoft PowerPoint® format as the platform to build the colorful visual awareness map and the 12-week action calendar for achieving the results. This makes it easy to share and edit during a Zoom® or Microsoft Teams® virtual meeting with the client.

For coaches who work with teams, a version is available for creating team alignment and team action planning virtually as well. More information about becoming certified to use The Results Roadmap™ with individuals, groups, and teams is available at

Full disclosure, I am biased. I have been trained and use this amazing tool with my clients to great success.

How does it apply to you in your life?
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