Wednesday, January 19, 2022

choice Thoughts: Resilience: Life Beyond Disruption

It is with great pride that we present to you our  issue Resilience: Life Beyond Disruption

A note from Garry, Publisher

As we continue our series about the impact of, and on, coaching in light of the world events of the last few years, this issue is about resilience. Our writers have risen to the task of sharing their wisdom of how to move from disruption (some would say chaos) to recovery, by using and developing resilience. 

It is no surprise that going back to “normal” is not really possible. Or is it? What is normal? What WAS normal? What is possible? Read on and you’ll see. 


Coming issues will reflect the continuation of this emergence from these crazy times and explore what coaching is going to look like in the future.

In future issues, we also plan to interview leaders who are in charge of or have a direct influence on their organization’s coaching culture, including leaders in the C-suite who have been coached and hired coaches for their leaders. We trust that these articles will be useful in learning the impact of coaching in an organization from a user perspective and what those corporate leaders have experienced and are planning. If you know of a leader who can speak to the use and benefits of coaching, please let us know.

In another exciting announcement, we will be working jointly with Columbia University to work with the speakers of their recent “Advancing Frontiers in Coaching” conference to continue the conversation about the future of coaching in an upcoming issue.

One thing I have experienced firsthand is the consolidation of coaching through app-supported solutions like BetterUp. I have completed the training and am now an active coach with BetterUp, a truly interesting and rigorous process that enables me to be part of the movement to bring virtual coaching to more people.

On a personal note, Patrick’s and my version of resilience (and rebound) is to travel. We were not quite ready to face the global differences in managing the pandemic, so we decided to play it safe and travel domestically from Toronto to Vancouver and then to Ottawa before finally venturing out internationally for a six-day beach vacation. The planning was a little more than usual but the trip itself was easier than expected, even with the Covid protocols and extra steps. Stay tuned!

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A note from Janet, Managing Editor

As you read through this issue, you will find definitions of resilience, but for me personally, resilience means strength. My own strength has been sorely tested over the past year-and-a-half, first with Covid, then with having to place my elderly parents in long-term care and deal with the ravages of dementia and other health issues. Next, I was let go from a job I loved after almost 18 years. And most recently, my mother passed away three days ago as I write this.

So, for me, resilience is everything right now, and I’m continuing to find reserves of strength I didn’t know I had. (A huge virtual hug to my wonderful choice colleagues, Garry, Kristi and Suzanne, for their steadfast understanding, love and support through all of this).

This issue of choice tackles resilience in a way that will help coaches help clients like me who are undergoing major changes and challenges. But there are also great learnings to help coaches help themselves through these difficult times. We’re all human, we’re all struggling, and while we may not be exactly “in the same boat,” we’re all fighting to weather the same storm: this hurricane called Life.

The following pages provide a variety of perspectives, tools, tips and enlightenment that will no doubt help you on your journey. Editing these articles as I was in the midst of my own disruptions was extremely helpful. What I came away with was not just a sense of strength, but a sense of hope.

Ultimately, the hope and strength of resilience will keep us going as we steer towards a brighter tomorrow.

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