Wednesday, April 6, 2022

choice Thoughts: Reimagining Coaching – How our profession is pivoting

It is with great pride that we present to you our  issue Reimagining Coaching – How our profession is pivoting

A note from Garry, Publisher

While attending the Coaches Training Institute Leadership program in 2009, I learned the practice of beginning again. Post-pandemic (hopefully), we have the opportunity to “begin again.” Perhaps not so much to begin again but a chance to create our “new normal.” After all, after every change, no matter how small, there is always a “new normal.”

Now is the time to take the learnings of our huge pandemic pivot, social awakening and climate change and purposely create a hybrid of best practices.

At choice Magazine, we made the best of the situation and worked with our readers, writers, advertisers, editorial board and team to not only check in on how they are coping with the various impacts of the pandemic, social unrest and climate change, but to help them thrive in the current environment.

Many things had not changed other than the obvious increase in the use of virtual tools. After all, our profession has pretty much set the tone for virtual assistants and virtual work (shout out to Thomas Leonard). But much has changed in our coaching clients’ lives and the lives of their families. For example, many of my clients were hired virtually and have never “gone to the office.” They have never seen their colleagues IRL (in real life). Clients were overworking as they did not have the same boundary limits as they did when they worked “office hours” in an actual office. 

Personally, my physical visits with my mother transferred to a video platform where we were joined by my sister for a daily get-together. My mom is still grateful for this ongoing daily check-in.

So, what does reimagining look like for you? Will you continue to keep some or all of the changes you made or were forced to make during the pandemic? What is your “new normal”? What are the blessings of the past years of upset and unrest?

In light of the social unrest, the editorial board of choice Magazine met and agreed that we should have a regular column about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. We named the column “kaleidoscope.” Special thanks to Beverley Wright, who stepped forward to write the inaugural kaleidoscope column in our issue at this time last year, and to Robert Stephenson, Bahia Yackzan, DeBorah “Sunni” Smith, and Khatija Saley for lending their voices to subsequent issues.

My personal commitment, and that of the editorial board, our team, and our many colleagues across the globe, is that the conversation must continue. This is why we continue to use the power of choice and our channel to publish this column each issue.

One more thing we added to strengthen that voice is our video podcast, which takes the wisdom and learning of our writers “Beyond the Page.” Head on over to our podcast page at and check out the enriching conversations on topics such as coaching through disruption; how not to coach like your parents; how diversity, equity & inclusion can enrich your life; and more. If you or someone you know would like to be on our podcast, please contact us at

We look forward to bringing you lots more exciting content as we continue our evolution along with you and your coaching business.

Let us know what’s on your mind by emailing me at

A note from Janet, Managing Editor

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” Those words by Albert Einstein are truer than ever today as we all grapple with change at unprecedented levels. Thankfully, the coaching industry is well poised to embrace change and help clients adapt with intelligence, strength and creativity.

The articles in this issue provide a roadmap for navigating change. In our opening feature, Jennifer Britton explores how the coaching business is reinventing itself in response to our rapidly changing world. Next up, Paul Crick examines how the “enforced pause” of the pandemic has created a “tipping point” towards reinvention, and walks us through the process.

Our next feature by Pam Boney looks at the business shifts, coaching challenges and client requirements that have transformed coaching from a “hospital ward” into an “emergency room” requiring agility will help everyone thrive. Michelle Chambers and Carissa Bub follow with an insightful piece on team coaching for the future of work.

Peter Scott and Pierre Dussault explain how “futureproofing” can prepare yourself and your clients for constant change. In our penultimate column, James Lam spotlights the ways in which the pandemic and technology are giving rise to “hyper niche” coaches who are creating never before-seen products. And Irene Anderson brings it all home by showing why “razzmatazz” just won’t cut it anymore.

In addition to our feature articles, we also have lots of great learnings in our departments and columns. We hope you’ll find something on every page to expand your intelligence, boost your creativity, and send you into the future with renewed passion.

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