Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Coaching Tools ~ My Cube for Change

Coaching Tools ~My Cube for Change


MC4C’s fully conceptualized methodology is clearly laid out in an online course called Cracking The Change Code. Add to that a change-ability assessment and their digital coach (a very cool feature by the way), and you have a complete system.

The change process addresses key questions about values, blockers and habit loops, then hones in on a focus and recommended actions. The creators of MC4C believe action unlocks action and you need to start somewhere.

The change model has nine components: Wisdom, Trust, Deception, Consider Opposites, Value, Power Plays, Let Go, Do, Withdraw. They call these the levers of change, and there is a logical progression through the levers for reflection. The reflection or coaching process starts with “Value” and ends with “Do.” The change-ability assessment identifies where you or your client find change challenging or easy. And the digital coach is a web-based app called Bloom, which uses bot technology to support reflection and action. There is an individual version and a team version.

The MC4C representative I spoke with offered to coach me around a desired change using the model. I said yes, as I was eager to see how it worked. I was surprised at the “ahas” that surfaced, and impressed with how we arrived at clear action steps. I would not have gotten that degree of clarity on my own. I could see how the Bloom web app would provide additional reinforcement, support for action and ongoing reflection.

Every coach needs a solid change model to use with clients, and I can wholeheartedly recommend MC4C. Their system is all mapped out, aligned with core coaching principles and easy to implement. Plus, with the digital coach, your clients are going to get powerful results.

How does it apply to you in your life?
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