Coaching Tools ~ Magpai

Coaching Tools ~Magpai


You deserve to find a client who is as committed to coaching as you are. It is a coach’s dream to attract ideal prospects, create meaningful connections and close clients ready to commit. 

Magpai helps you find and double your close rate with ideal clients from enrollment conversations using lead scoring assessments.

Their intuitive ground-breaking lead scoring assessment is a web-based tool that enables potential clients to quickly and easily self-assess where they are on their path to achieving a goal, thereby shining a light on what’s missing and how you can help.

Your time is your most valuable asset, let the experts at Magpai get you off to a flying start with a branded, beautifully designed, high-converting assessment of your own. 

How does Magpai do this? Glad you asked. 

Attract: Incorporating assessments into your sales and marketing process will get you from making it “all about you” to making it “all about the prospect,” while at the same time amplifying your authority and building trust.

Select: Magpai automatically sorts leads based on your criteria, sorting highly-qualified leads so you can move them into one-on-one sales calls or automated nurture campaigns, helping you avoid wasting time with those who are not ready to buy.

Close: Conduct powerfully effective one-on-one sales conversations that lead to a yes, using the assessment results and Magpai’s proven process. 

Are you looking to stand out in your niche, attract ideal clients, spark meaningful interactions and accelerate your sales results? Let the experts at Magpai get you there! 

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