Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Listen to the great iHeart Radio Interview with Kate Michaels

Radio InterviewThis was loads of fun. Kate Micheals and I had a radio minterview interview about Free Time Bootcamp and choice Magazine with loads of stuff for you to take into your life and business

We talked about so many things. We shared many tips and learnings from our decades of coaching and business experience. Kate had me share my journey as an entrepreneur, a coach, publisher of choice, the magazine of professional coaching, and my new project “Free Time Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs. Making time for what REALLY matters!”  

Here’s the introduction to the radio interview…

“Garry Schleifer of choice Magazine and Kate Michels of Emotional Wisdom Training Institute have a conversation discussing the excitement over Free Time Boot Camp. Looking at 20 years in the professional coaching industry, 18 years of being associates and what it takes to build successful businesses while taking time to enjoy life makes for a very informative conversation. How to live life making a substantial living and being on vacation while doing the work one loves makes a great topic.”

Listen to the Emotional Wisdom Training Episode – Free Time For Business Owners on iHeartRadio | iHeartRadio

Kate is an amazing and wonderfully wise woman who contributes a lot to the coaching profession and especially to her clients. I was honored to be interviewed by her.

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