Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Coaching Tools ~ Linktree

Coaching Tools ~Linktree


As entrepreneurs, we have lots of links.  Links to our website and social media platforms; links to schedule a coaching session; links to attend an event, webinar or masterclass; links to opt-in for a free gift, paid course or program; links to our shop; and many more.

With all of these links, where and how do you share them all? The answer is Linktree.

Linktree is an app that allows your audience access to your content with just one link. In other words, the Linktree link is the gateway to all of your links.

Creating and managing your Linktree is easy with the simple drag-and-drop editor. It can be customized by adding colored backgrounds, a profile photo, a short bio, contact information, and icons
to your social media platforms.

Linktree is so versatile. Add links to Shopify or Spring stores to sell products and collect Square or PayPal payments (transaction fees are lower with paid versions). Other links could include YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok and Facebook Live videos, as well as Spotify and SoundCloud music. The free and paid versions both provide analytics and insights. The paid version uses powerful third-party integrations to allow you to collect email subscribers, access Google Sheets, connect with third-party analytics and remarket to your audience.

Linktree is the one link you can take anywhere.

How does it apply to you in your life?
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