Thursday, March 5, 2020

Hey coach, you’re a business owner!

You may not know this but I’m on a mission. A freedom mission.

A mission to help successful busy entrepreneurs get the freedom that they signed up for but seem to have lost sight of.

Because coaches are business owners!

But as I’ve discovered over the years, most coaches and similar professionals don’t realize that they are also business owners…entrepreneurs! Which is what I wrote about over in my Freedom Bootcamp blog this week. Take a look and see if you see yourself in that conversation.

It’s the reason I’m breaking from the normal conversation here at choice to bring us all back to what will help us reach more people with our amazing coaching gifts.

I’ve long believed that what we do is about 10% of any business. The “what we do” being service delivery or in our case, coaching. The remaining 90% are all the other things that an entrepreneur needs. Sales, marketing, HR/team building, customer service, invoicing, bookkeeping, etc.

Being an entrepreneur means you ARE the company!Coaches are business owners

It’s easy for me to be able to have this perspective as I’ve been an entrepreneur/business owner for well over 3 decades (YIKES!). I’ve started, built, and sold 3 multimillion-dollar companies and I can tell you with full clarity, service or product delivery is really the only thing that changes from company to company. That 90% is always the same with a slight variation based on the type of company.

So why am I telling you this? Because we need to stand together as a profession and understand that behind every successful coach there is a successful business with all the parts in place and supporting the coach to be able to coach.

Have you set yourself up for success?
Are you ready to take a look at what it takes to run a successful business?
Are you leveraging your strengths?

Maybe it’s time to join me on my mission. Join the freedom train over at Freedom Bootcamp where we have some great information on what it takes to run a great business and to find some amazing tools like my Lifestyle Freedom Planner.

If you’ve already managed to create a business that allows you the freedom to do what you want, when you want, then support us with comments, suggestions, or just to cheer others on their freedom journey.

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