Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Gmail ~ Coaching Tools ~ Google Mail

Coaching Tools ~ GMail & how it was my rescue tool.

Okay, before you say DUH, let me explain. I’ve been using Google Coaching Tools ~ Google Mail (GMail)mail at choice Magazine, or as it’s better known, Gmail, for years. It has become so much a part of my business that I did not think to share it because it’s just so simple and obvious.

But when my professional site’s email system suddenly broke down, I had an epiphany: it was my rescue tool. Here’s how and why.

Gmail allows you to receive and send from any of your emails: professional, personal, AND Gmail. Here’s an example: my Gmail is I also have and All of them go into my Gmail account, thereby keeping all my emails in one place. No opening different windows and apps for different emails.

So, when my system broke down, I did not. I just picked another email and kept on working.

Some other reasons to love Gmail: it is part of a larger suite of products including Google Drive, Google Sheets, Documents, Slides, and Forms – all able to be shared, edited, and commented on in real-time with your team.

My absolute favorite feature is the “Snooze.” When I have an email that corresponds to a meeting, not only do I place the URL for that email into the calendar event; I also “snooze” the email so I get a notification on that date and time.

In my training program, Gmail and Google Drive are “must-haves” that must be set up before the program begins. I consider it the gold standard for our work together, and for any successful business.

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