Wednesday, March 18, 2020

SPOILER ALERT: Try this awesome tool reviewed in the coming issue of choice

March 2020 issue “Diversity and Inclusion. What makes our difference matter?”

Along with my co-columnist, Marcy Nelson Garrison, In each issue we introduce tools that make coaching fun, productive and effective. 

In this issue, I reviewed Slack and added it to the resource section, Garry’s List.
Let me tell you about Slack now.

Slack. It’s the Business version of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a form of texting that is used mostly for personal. It allows image and file transmission. I use it a lot for personal use especially when I only have Wi-Fi access.

And I love Slack. It’s like the WhatsApp for business. I’m a big fan of separating internal vs external emails. It helps give me clarity on what my team needs and what my clients need.

Ever since I decided to separate my emails from our “team-mails” it’s been our best friend. We use it to connect with team members regardless of where they are. As long as they regularly help with choice Magazine, we add them in so we can easily connect with them. No more endless emails back and forth. Slack keeps it all together in one place.

It’s like combining email, with texting and a bit of WhatsApp. Throw in a searchable memory function, task management, and reminders and you’ve got an amazing collaboration tool.

I have it loaded and open on my computer and my phone so that I can be connected when I want to be connected.

You can organize conversations, share files and documents, integrate tools and if need be, talk via the video option.

We’ve been using the free version for over a year without feeling like we need anything more. It is accessible on both your computer and/or via an app on your phone. It includes 10k searchable messages, 10 apps and integrations, 1-to-1 video calls, and two-factor authentication, the free version gives your team access to Slack’s basic features. There is an enterprise version for larger companies that adds numerous other features and guarantees. There are several other plans between free and Enterprise that you can affordably grow into as your business grows.

The absolute best feature that I CONSTANTLY use is the “Remind me” feature.
It’s like Snooze for Slack. When you click “Remind Me” you have the option of hours or the next day.
Long enough to get the tasks at hand done but not so long that your team request is forgotten.

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