Wednesday, June 23, 2021

From The Managing Editor

We are happy to share the thoughts from the Managing Editor of choice, Janet Lees, about our upcoming issue – From Inclusion to Belonging.

From The Managing Editor

In my 13 years as Managing Editor of choice, I’ve been struck by the inclusive nature of coaching and the diversity of those who practice coaching. That’s as it should be, and that diversity has been reflected in the variety of writers from various backgrounds and geographic locations who have written for choice over the years. Now, for the second time, we’re publishing an entire issue devoted to spotlighting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and I hope we’ve done the topic – and the global community – justice.  Managing Editor

Our opening feature by Gail Jacob Barker, titled “Reaching for Belonging,” looks at coaching beyond DEI. Next up is an article by Yvette Alex-Assensoh exploring the LACE© model (Love, Authenticity, Courage and Empathy) for raising awareness about racial identity, racism and racial justice in ways that allow coaches to better connect with clients and work together towards transformation. Bonita Mackey follows this with an article that forces you to take a long, hard look at yourself and ask, “Am I a biased coach?” 

Gavin Shaskolsky follows with an article about racism and how we all own or deny our rank and power. Next, Asila Calhoun asks the provocative question, “has your awareness about racial injustice silenced you?” 

Candace Calhoun explores the power of coaching to help leaders move their organizations beyond interpersonal disrespect and discrimination to create the workplaces of the future. In our penultimate feature, Perry Rhue helps us effectively navigate through the messy and uncomfortable conversations about racism and inequity. And last but by no means least, DJ Mitsch asks, “Who are WE becoming?” and uncovers the power of language to elevate the conversation. 

Be sure to check out our departments and columns, many of which also relate to our theme. We hope this issue leaves you with lots of insights, takeaways, opportunities for self-reflection … and the determination to keep the DEI conversation going as long as it takes. 

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