Wednesday, December 1, 2021

choice Thoughts: Disruption

It is with great pride that we present to you our  issue Disruption

A note from Garry, Publisher

It does not go unnoticed that this issue about disruption comes at the time of the year when we remember the horrific attacks on the United States of America on September 11, 2001. Nor is it a coincidence that it comes in the throes of a global pandemic and social injustice awareness as examples of disruptions.

This issue takes a look at coaches, their clients, companies, and their efforts from a lens of similar external and internal disruptions either intended or not.Disruption

Our writers reveal the various kinds of disruptors in the various areas of coaching and help us help ourselves and our clients cope with rapid changes.

We at choice Magazine have not been without our own disruptors, some intentional and some not! For example, last year we chose to “disrupt” the subscription system we were using, only to be “disrupted” ever since by the many nuances of the new system.

But disruption is not all bad. In line with the previous example, our new system has made it easier for you to access your account with us, make changes to your address, download back issues you’ve purchased, etc. Many of the things our old system could not do and why we decided to change.

As for coaches and coaching, many coaches I’ve been in touch with have told me that they are busier than ever; that this year-and-a-half of global disruption has increased both the awareness of and need for coaching.

On a personal note, this disruption has given me the opportunity to connect with family and friends in a deeper and more regular way, setting the stage for some awesome face-to-face visits with my “pod.”

To keep in line with the theme of disruption, we’ve decided to make our next issue in December about resilience – from chaos to new order. As one writer said in this issue, order-disorder-reorder. Stay tuned for another great issue packed with amazing wisdom and coach actionable items.

Also on the topic of future issues, did you know that next year, choice, the magazine of professional coaching, is celebrating its 20th year of publication? Yes, indeed, 20 years of quality articles, tools, book reviews and industry news in service of coaches and our growing global profession.

We are making plans to celebrate this exciting milestone and you’ll be included. For example, we’ll continue our “Beyond the Page” series where I interview the writers of a few recent articles. Stay tuned!

A note from Janet, Managing Editor

Disruption has certainly taken on new meaning in the face of recent events, and coaches have a vital role to play in helping people, leaders and companies move beyond disruption to take advantage of the opportunities our emergent reality presents.

We have a stellar line-up of articles in this issue to help you navigate the change that’s happening at such an accelerated pace. First up in our feature section is Cheryl Procter-Rogers with a controversial look at AI, ROI and blurred lines titled, “Disrupting the Disruptors.” Next, Joe DeGraaf takes us on a coaching path through disruption, followed by Laura Davis’ look at three key distinctions that can help leadership coaches thrive in an era of unrelenting change.

The next feature by Michelle Chambers explores how to lead effectively in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Cheryl Breukelman brings us insights from 12 different coaches who share their approaches to supporting clients through disruption. Lisa Withrow takes us from surviving to thriving by exploring coaching as disruption in disruptive times.

Jennifer Britton pens our penultimate feature, which explores how to help teams and groups thrive in periods of disruption through curiosity, vision, experimentation and connection. And DJ Mitsch has the final word about the “wisdom pattern” of going from order to disorder to reorder.

It’s what editors like to call a “meaty” issue, and we hope you find strength and purpose to help your clients create a bolder, brighter future.

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