Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Is there courage in the coach?

Here is a wonderful poem titled “Is there courage in the coach?” from our friend, Venus Jones, Author of She Rose and Lyrics for Langston, an accomplished stage and screen actress, award-winning performance poet, engaging facilitator and keynote speaker.

Is there courage in the coach?courage

Dear coach I know life is not fair.
Yet, I expect you to care and be aware.

When I start crying and staring into space,
I want to know if it’s safe to bring up race.

Sometimes stories of struggle can make us connect.
Sometimes I need to know if I can breathe and reflect.

How much about my history did you choose to learn?
Have you been willing to rebuild what’s been burned?

People can be bridges if they have the right tools. But too many believe being vulnerable is for fools.

Courage leads to advocacy and freedom is the cause.
Allyship is a life-long practice with very little pause.

Activism might look like art or protesting on marching day.
It might also look like self-care and permission to pray.

Dear healer the more you share the better I feel.
Don’t just tell me I matter and hand me my bill.

When was the last time you spoke on my behalf?
Did you intervene before or after the laugh?

People are dying daily with no upstanding strategy or plan.
No courage in the coach leads to no courage in the land.
Tell us what you think about this poem.

How does it apply to you in your life?
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