Wednesday, March 23, 2022

COMING SOON! Reimagining Coaching ~ How our profession is pivoting

COMING SOON! The March 2022 issue “Reimagining Coaching ~ How our profession is pivoting

choice is a MUST HAVE TOOL for EVERY coach. It’s the only publication in print by and for coaches, and it’s been around 20 years. It’s so inexpensive there’s no reason not to subscribe. Besides, it’s gorgeous. I can’t understand why every coach isn’t already a subscriber. How else do they stay on top of what’s happening in our industry? 

The current issue is no exception.
It’s called “Reimagining Coaching ~ How our profession is pivoting” 

It covers topics like…

  • Reinventing the Business of Coaching
  • Tipping Point – The opportunity for reinvention
  • From Hospital Ward to Emergency Room – How Covid is transforming the coaching industry
  • Coaching for the Future of Work – Reinventing the business of team coaching
  • Futureproofing – Prepare yourself and your clients for constant change
  • Recipe for Change – Pandemic, technology and the rise of the hyper niche coach
  • No More Razzle Dazzle – Why razzmatazz just won’t cut it anymore

I highly recommend that you subscribe and expand your coaching expertise.  

In every issue, you’ll find:

  • choice’s panel weighing in on a sticky situation. This month’s question is “How Do I Reinvent My Coaching Business?”
  • Product reviews of coaching tools. A few of the tools reviewed in this issue include The Body Positivity Card Deck, A Deeper Way, Slack, Otter. ai
  • An insightful book review. This month it is about “Coach the Person”, by Marcia Reynolds.

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