Wednesday, September 2, 2020

COMING SOON! From TRIAGE to RECOVERY, Coaching through COVID-19

COMING SOON! The September 2020 issue “From TRIAGE to RECOVERY, Coaching through COVID-19

choice is a MUST HAVE TOOL for EVERY coach. It’s the only publication in print by and for coaches, and it’s been around 18 years. It’s so TRIAGE to RECOVERYinexpensive there’s no reason not to subscribe. Besides, it’s gorgeous. I can’t understand why every coach isn’t already a subscriber. How else do they stay on top of what’s happening in our industry?  

The current issue is no exception.
It’s called “From TRIAGE to RECOVERY, Coaching through COVID-19”  

It covers topics like…

  • Flourishing Forward – Considerations for trauma informed coaching
  • Adapting to Crisis – Expanding our coaching mindset
  • Our Time to Serve  – This is the time for coaching to serve humanity
  • Coaching for self-reflection in the new reality 
  • Coaching through a pandemic as a kinesthetic empathic coach
  • Transformational Leadership – 5 essentials for activating it in times of crisis

I highly recommend that you subscribe and expand your coaching expertise.  

In every issue, you’ll find:

  • choice’s panel weighing in on a sticky situation. This month’s question is “How do I help my client through the pandemic?”
  • Product reviews of coaching tools. A few of the tools reviewed in this issue include CHECKINGIN: a free and private app that offers steps to help elevate your wellbeing. COACHING CUBES: a simple and fun way to facilitate a group conversation and inject new energy.
  • An insightful book review. This month it is about ” Coach the Person Not the Problem”, by Marcia Reynolds.

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