Wednesday, March 11, 2020

COMING SOON! Diversity & Inclusion. How our differences make a difference

March 2020 issue “Diversity and Inclusion. How our differences make a difference?”

All jokes aside, I think I’m seeing clearer now (20/20) than ever before as we embark on year 18 of choice, the magazine of professional coaching.

It really is hard to believe that we’ve been publishing since 2003. I can still remember the team opening the first boxes of choice at the ICF conference in Denver. It took nine months to create that first issue.

Thanks to my team (because they rock), choice Magazine is now like a well-oiled machine. It no longer takes nine months per issue although the conversations do start well in advance of each issue being published. With years of experience and refinement, we now work through each issue with style and grace. Like the saying goes “Get the right people on the bus.” Our choice bus has the right people to take us into the next decade.

I can see clearly now how to look at this vehicle of unbiased information at a strategic level; as we coaches like to say, the 30,000-foot level. Over the past year, with the help of the amazing Suzi Pomerantz, MCC, my friend, and our strategic advisor, we have revitalized the editorial board into an amazing team of “wicked smart” people who are just as passionate about the coaching industry as we are.

Many thanks to the people who supported our efforts and lent their name to choice Magazine over the last 18 years and who have chosen to make room for new people to take us forward. Many thanks to Carol Adrienne, Rich Fettke, CJ Hayden and Dorcas Kelley.
Staying on the b
oard are Teri-E Belf, Laura Berman Fortgang, Pamela Richarde, Iyanla Vanzant, and Phil Sandahl.

And we welcome new board members; Marcia Reynolds, Marva Sadler, Magdalena Mook, Janet M. Harvey, Diane Fleck, and of course, the one and only Suzi Pomerantz. Together we are growing choice while always looking to improve the quality of articles, the relevance to readers and the commitment to reach more readers around the globe.

As part of this revitalized initiative, I’ve taken on resurrecting our weekly blog and publishing content that is of value to our wonderful coaching community. Check us out at

We hope you enjoy the great articles we have published inside the pages of each issue.
It is our pleasure to source, edit and publish each issue.

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A note from Janet, Managing Editor

Differences matter. Unfortunately, we’re at a time in history when differences are being used as a fear tactic to divide us. But thankfully, the coaching profession is leading the way in ensuring that differences are honored, respected and recognized as a positive force for change. That’s what this issue of choice is all about.

Our features and columns in this issue spotlight how coaching can help individuals, teams, and organizations thrive in an environment of diversity, cultural dynamics and inclusivity.

Our opening feature by Angela Cusack and Michelle Vander Stouw explains why cultural humility is the only practice you need to expand your cultural awareness. Next up, David Clutterbuck and Peter Hawkins ask the question, “Is there a diversity crisis in coaching?” and examine how we can open ourselves to the dimensions of difference. Veronica Munro’s article makes the case of inclusion over diversity, followed by an exploration of the importance of using an identity lens in coaching interventions, by Amber Mayes and Sukari Pinnock-Fitts. And our final feature by Tim Kincaid navigates difference through coaching, identity, diversity, and inclusion.

Our “coaching mastery” column by Janet M. Harvey looks at coaching diversity through personal diversity, while our “corporate leadership” column by Shirley Engelmeier and Terry Hildebrandt explores coaching for inclusive leadership, and our “perspective” column by Lee Coffee Jr. makes the case for inclusivity. Carl Dierschow has the final word on our “final say” page, arguing that true diversity starts with humility. That’s just a taste of some of the excellent articles contained in the following pages. As always, we hope you find this issue educational, enlightening and enjoyable.

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