Thursday, June 11, 2020

COMING SOON! Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Coaching women in leadership

COMING SOON!  The June 2020 issue “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Coaching women in leadership

As I write this, we are in the midst of one of the most impactful situations we have ever seen in our lives. The coronavirus and the measures taken to try to stop the spread of COVID-19 continue to impact us, our families, and our clients.

We will dedicate the next issue of choice specifically to how coaches can offer solutions to the ‘new normal.’ 

In the meantime, we can be thankful for the heroes that have risen to the support of others, especially our front line workers – most of whom are women – and thank them for continuing to be there for us despite the risk to their lives and those of the loved ones to whom they go home every day.

That group of heroes is what this issue is all about and remains a very important topic of our day: Women in Leadership!

V18N2 women leadershipA huge thanks to everyone who supported us with their ideas and articles. As I’m not the direct target market (but of course a huge supporter and hopefully an influencer), I relied heavily on everyone from our team as well as the writers to educate me and help with the look and feel of this issue.

I think we all learned a lot in the production of this issue of choice. Hearing the perspectives of the great women coaches and non-coach leaders is inspiring.

Reading what women struggle with and what they put up with is amazing and on a certain level very disappointing.

  • What will it take to equalize the ratio of women in leadership? 
  • How can women leaders still be women in a world that is still mostly dominated by men? 
  • What will it take for women to be taken seriously as leaders?

Women have within them a unique power and style of leadership. Of course, each woman has their own unique style within that feminine leadership context.

Reading these articles, you will find a common conversation and a supportive community. 

Stay in touch with these women!
Follow their leadership journey.
Create your own. 

Share your own path in a positive constructive way. 

Be supportive and highlight other women leaders.

As many writers within these pages have advised women at all levels of leadership: be confident, don’t try to be a man, stand your ground, set your goals, of course, work with a coach, belong to a supportive community, be mindful and self-aware, and by all means, own your own power.

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We hope you enjoy the great articles we have published inside these pages. 

It is our pleasure to source, edit and publish each issue

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A note from Janet, Managing Editor

As women in business, women in leadership, and just women in the working world, we all have stories to tell. 

Some are horrific, others frustrating. 

What I love about this issue of choice is that every writer without exception encourages a positive approach to the challenges women face in navigating what is sadly still seen as a ‘man’s world.’

Our opening feature, “The Burden of Greatness” by Marcia Reynolds, looks at the unique challenges of high-achieving women. 

Next up, Chariti Gent explores how professional coaching can help all women in the workplace. Wendy Capland writes next about the 10 ways women might be sabotaging themselves as leaders, and how you can help them as a coach. Valerie Pelan writes eloquently about how company culture creates a two-tiered system for women leaders in her feature article, aptly titled “An Uneven Playing Field.” Terrie Lupberger is next with a feature exploring what to look for to maximize impact when coaching women leaders.

Next, Doris Helge advises that coaching women leaders to be assertive and resolve conflicts starts with self-leadership.

And it doesn’t end there! Marva Sadler provides her top 10 tips every woman needs to stand her ground boldly, confidently, and powerfully. Carrie Arnold explores why women are often put in a position of “leading while silenced,” and how they can reclaim their voices. Jenn Chloupek has an article about how to coach around the “controllables” and

help women SHED limiting beliefs. And our final feature by Maria Connolly and Louise Santiago looks at female power through the lens of nine skills to create a supportive community.

Thanks to all of these amazing women for sharing their wisdom, insights, and encouragement in the pages of choice. We hope you are as inspired as we are!

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