Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Coaching Tools ~ WPME Genoo

Coaching Tools ~ WPMktgEngine from our friends at Genoo

WPMktgEngine has been a part of my online marketing toolset for nearly two years, and I couldn’t be toolsethappier. Before I started using this product, I had a variety of platforms all doing ‘stuff’ for me – landing pages, emails, forms for my website – and it wasn’t easy to keep all of those systems talking to each other (some of them never did). 

WPMktgEngine, or, as I like to call it, WordPress Marketing Engine, is a comprehensive system that does just about everything – and what it doesn’t do, it integrates with best-in-class solutions.

WPMktgEngine has all of the email marketing capabilities of some of the giant players and more because I can see everything that someone does on my website after they click a link in my email. That’s different – and super useful.

Plus, it has forms! Forms I can easily place anywhere on my website, or I can create calls-to-action with my forms so they pop up when clicked. Very cool.

I use WooCommerce for our choice online store, and WPMktgEngine integrates with it to track what people purchase and when.

I use that integration along with built-in Smart Rules to create emails and actions that are meaningful and relevant to the people who buy.

It’s a powerhouse, and my tech headaches have been dramatically reduced as a result of using it.

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