Wednesday, September 16, 2020

From Triage to Recovery – Coaching Through COVID-19…Coming Soon!

The next issue of choice Magazine – “From Triage to Recovery. Coaching Through COVID-19″ will be available soon.

Note: last week’s post incorrectly stated that this issue is available now.
The magazine is ready and will be mailed out next week.
We apologize for anyFrom TRIAGE to RECOVERY confusion.

From the Publisher of choice Magazine, Garry Schleifer:

This year, 2020, will be known for many things, COVID-19 being one of them.

I want to thank Laura Hauser for reaching out early in the crisis to suggest and support this issue focusing on Coaching Through COVID-19. Our small but agile team was able to do what so many others have done … pivot … to change from the previous theme for this issue to this much more relevant topic.

It’s great that writers stepped up so quickly with so much supportive wisdom to help all of us deal with the events of this pandemic.

The opening words of Laura’s feature article say it all: “The events of 2020 have irreversibly altered the way we live and do business. Whether it’s the global COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, economic recession, or some combination of all three, life is different. We are different. The challenges we and our clients face are different.”

The articles in this issue offer support and wisdom for all of us during this crisis and others. Very wise words, thoughts, and suggested actions can be found within these pages. Thank you one and all.

What sticks in my mind is the question of whether we truly are in recovery by the time this issue reaches you, or whether we are facing a second wave or a serious global setback. Fingers crossed that it is neither. Instead, my hope is that we have learned and changed enough to protect ourselves and our loved ones from any further heartache and loss.

I say thanks to all of the front-line workers from health care to the supply chain for taking care of us at great personal risk. You are all heroes.

From the Managing Editor of choice Magazine, Janet Lees:

In my 13 years with choice Magazine, this is the first time I can recall that we changed the theme of an issue on such short notice, and I couldn’t be happier that we were able to do so in order to bring you this timely issue looking at how coaching can help people through this most
difficult times.

Our opening feature article by Laura Hauser explores how expanding your coaching mindset can help you adapt to crisis and assist your clients to do the same. Next up, DJ Mitsch makes the case that this is the perfect time for coaches to step up and serve humanity. In our third feature, Megan Gilmore explores considerations for trauma-informed coaching.

Leadership is key during times like these, as two of our feature articles attest. First, Terry Hildebrandt and Barbara Mintzer-McMahon outline five essentials for activating transformational leadership in times of crisis. And James Brooks takes a Life-Stories Coaching Approach to developing ‘new normal’ leaders through self-reflection.

We hope this issue reassures you that you are valuable, you are supported, and you are doing important work. Coaches are needed now more than ever, and we’ll get through this – and help our clients get through it – together.

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