Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Coaching Connections Are Important For Our Business And Personal Growth

Coaches NEED connections to thrive! 

Coaches are a slightly different breed of entrepreneur.
We mostly work one-on-one and with technology today, we don’t even need to leave our offices…which are usually our homes.

Let’s paint this picture.

We live and work from home.
We don’t really have to leave the comfort of our home.
We interact with people via phone or video.
We work in isolation most of the time.

We NEED to interact with other human beings outside of our work life!

How do we get those personal and business coaching connections we need to survive, thrive and grow?

One of my favorite LIVE gatherings is the coaching conference. Since starting as a coach and creating choice Magazine, I’ve made it to many many conferences over the years.

In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of face-to-face networking and at a conference specifically. >>> Here’s that post <<<

Marcia Reynolds is one of my favorite coaches and a dear friend who has supported me and choice over the years by promoting, writing for, and recently becoming an Garry Schleifer & Marcia Reynoldseditorial board member, for choice Magazine.

I consider my relationship with Marcia a “key relationship”.
Because we share the same values and have a passion for our profession.

Key relationships are very important and that was not visible to me at the time we first met. The know, like and trust factor developed with each over time was important on and of its own.

But the connection of the two people for something really amazing was unseen and when it was uncovered it was awesome.

In any business, mine included, key relationships are those that exist between you and those people that are your biggest fans. In my case, Marcia is a raving fan.

Ongoing conversations with her lead me to connect with the possibility of future collaboration and connection.

Providing such value to her ad other key relationships gives me a higher level of credibility and the opportunity to reach out and contact them for ideas and support for myself and others. I always look for the opportunity to be of service.

Who are the key relationships for your small business growth?

Why not reach out and give them a call today?
If you need a reason, let them know you were thinking of them and wish them ”Happy Holidays

You’ll be glad you did. What starts as a small coaching connection can easily blossom into something much greater. Like ti did for Marcy and I.

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