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THE BURDEN OF GREATNESS ~ Unique challenges of high-achieving women

We recently published the issue called “THE BURDEN OF GREATNESS. Unique challenges of high-achieving women” written by Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC. It’s a wonderful article about the unique challenges of high-achieving women. Here’s what Marcia had to say in the article called… THE BURDEN OF GREATNESS One night 20 years into my career, I was […]

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Learn about cultural humility and why our differences make a difference

We recently published an issue called “Diversity & Inclusion. Why our differences make a difference” written by Angela Cusack, EdS, MCC & Michelle Vander Stouw, MPH, ACC. It’s a wonderful article about not only being culturally aware but also bowing to a form of cultural humility. Here’s what Angela and Michelle had to say in […]

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Coaching From Essence – Potential & Vulnerability Drive Professional Mastery

Our guest blogger, Janet Harvey offered this all to important commentary that is still very valid today. What do you know about your personal potency to invite clients into an explicit exploration of potential? The idea for this topic comes from hours of discussion with coaches at every stage of development wondering about the path […]

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