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If you have a question, concern or issue, please email or call us at:
(800) 553-3241 ext 801
(Note: this number is NOT manned 24/7 so please leave a message)
If you’re having trouble reaching us via the 1-800 number, call direct at (416) 884-8154

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About New Subscriptions:
choice is a quarterly magazine. it can take up to 90 days to receive your first issue with a new subscription, depending on when you subscribe.

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Foreign subscribers who request that we start with the current issue (one that is already mailed to our subscribers), will be sent a PDF version only, due to high international postage rates.

We’ve reduced prices on many of our back issues, and you can order them for half price here. Strictly for US and Canadian delivery only.

ANY discounted back issue ordered for International delivery will be substituted with a PDF copy. To request shipping costs for print copies please contact customer service.


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We don’t want you to miss a single issue, or delay the delivery of your issue of choice.

The US Postmaster does not forward our magazines!
If you move, please send a Change of Address via email to Read More