Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Beyond the Page Podcast ~ The Strength of Two

 The dyad partnership and coaching

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Sara Kagarise, ACC &
Cory Colton, PCC, BCC

Get ready to revolutionize the way you perceive leadership structures with Sara Kagarise and Cory Colton. The authors of the article, “The Strength of Two: The Dyad Partnership and Coaching,” are here to unravel the intriguing concept of dyad partnerships in healthcare. Prepare to be engrossed as we discuss the power of nurturing meaningful dialogues between clinical and administrative leaders, how such partnerships spur successful outcomes, and the various challenges and triumphs associated with implementing this structure.

Sara Kagarise is an Industrial and Organizational Psychology Practitioner and serves as a Senior Leadership Consultant and Coach for Carilion Clinic’s Institute for Leadership Effectiveness. Sara holds credentials as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, a Project Management Professional through Project Management International, and a certified ROI Professional through the ROI Institute.

Cory Colton, Senior Director of Carilion Clinic’s Institute for Leadership Effectiveness, is passionate about helping leaders and teams excel with joy, energy, and authenticity. Cory has over 20 years of experience in organizational learning and leadership development across multiple industries: hospitality, financial services, telecommunications, automotive, and healthcare.

How about a leadership structure that goes beyond traditional roles and responsibilities, promoting a culture of wisdom and gratitude? Sara and Cory delve into the challenges linked to setting up a dyad structure, encompassing vital aspects like fostering communication, building trust, and striking the right balance of power. They also spotlight the potential benefits of dyad leadership and coaching, including increased collaboration, improved decision-making, and better outcomes. This episode is a must-listen for anyone keen on understanding the intricacies of dyad leadership in healthcare and beyond. Join us on this enlightening journey!

In this episode, I talk with Sara Kagarise and Cory Colton about their article published in our September 2023 issue.

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