Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Beyond the Page Podcast – Trauma-Informed Coaching: Necessary, Better, and Not About Trauma

Trauma-Informed Coaching: Necessary, Better, and Not About Trauma

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Susana Rinderle

Ever wondered how trauma impacts an individual’s life outcomes, physical health, and economic success? Discover the answer in our enlightening conversation with the brilliant Susanna Renderle, a transformational life and leadership coach and trauma-informed resilience practitioner, who has penned the insightful article “Trauma-Informed Coaching: Necessary, Better, and Not About Trauma”. Susana enlightens us on the crux of trauma and the crucial role of the ACEs test, a tool that helps measure the severity of one’s trauma.

As we navigate through this crucial conversation, we uncover how our life experiences, from global pandemics to personal battles, are becoming increasingly traumatizing, thereby underlining the need for trauma-informed coaching. Susana and I emphasize the role of trust, safety, and equality in the coach-client relationship. She generously shares six effective ways for coaches to be trauma-informed and articulates the profound impact even small practices can have. Tune in for a profound exploration of trauma-informed coaching, enriched by Susana’s personal insights and professional wisdom. This episode is indeed a beacon guiding you towards understanding and implementing trauma-informed coaching

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