Beyond the Page Podcast ~ Rising Awareness

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Sandra Hill.

Growing up amidst a kaleidoscope of languages and cultures, Sandra Hill, a trailblazing career coach and best-selling author, brings a wealth of diversity to the table. Her personal narrative, imbued with the challenges and triumphs of navigating multiple identities, sets the stage for an enlightening conversation on how these experiences can enrich the professional coaching landscape. As I reflect on my own journey as a white, cisgender male, I realize how our backgrounds shape our interactions and the ways in which we can all contribute to a more inclusive community.

Throughout our dialogue, Sandra and I tackle the delicate dance of honoring cultural heritage months and the representation of ethnic identities in America, without inadvertently deepening divisions. We share stirring stories from coaching workshops and peer interactions that spotlight the need for greater cultural awareness and the active dismantling of biases. Moreover, we broach the topic of respectful communication, including the evolving etiquette of pronoun use, and discuss the four A’s—awareness, allyship, advocacy, and activism—as vital tools for listeners to integrate into their own practices. Join us as we invite you to step into a world where diversity is celebrated, biases are confronted, and every voice is heard and respected.

In this episode, I talk with Sandra Hill about her article published in our December 2023 issue.

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