Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Beyond the Page Podcast ~ Navigating Workplace Incivility

A Guide to Improved Dynamics

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring John O’Brien.

Unlock the secrets to successfully navigating workplace incivility in a candid conversation with certified health and wellness coach, John O’Brien.

With over three decades of experience, John O’Brien is a seasoned expert in guiding
individuals through significantly stressful life situations and transitions by offering practical and actionable strategies to navigate them with ease.

Through his programs, John equips clients with tangible skills and concrete tools that empower them to swiftly reduce stress levels and enhance personal wellness leading to immediate positive transformation. John is an ICF ACC Certified Coach and Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. In his spare time, John enjoys motorcycling, skiing, biking and further developing his ability in German. He also serves as full-time staff to his gifted cat, Shahdi.

In this episode, we dissect the subtle yet profound impact of seemingly innocuous but inconsiderate behaviors, the ripple effects of microaggression, and how all these factors into the bigger picture of office dynamics. O’Brien provides us with his expert insights, practical strategies, and tools to reduce stress and enhance personal wellness amidst negativity.

Our discussion dives deep into the mechanics of incivility, illustrating how to recognize these behaviors, when and how to address them, and the art of maintaining compassion in challenging conversations. O’Brien underscores the power of honest feedback and its potential to transform work relationships and environments. This episode will equip you with the knowledge and skills to deal with workplace incivility, empowering you to champion your clients’ journey toward a healthier work life. Tune in and master the art of navigating challenging office dynamics!

In this episode, I talk with John O’Brien about his article published in our September 2023 issue.

I would love to know your thoughts on this interview. Comment below with what some of your takeaways were.

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