Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Beyond the Page Podcast ~Money Talks

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Julie Vander Meulen.

Unlock the secrets to confidently discussing money in your career and personal development journey, as Julie Vander Meulen, a leading voice for ambitious women in the industry, joins me, Garry Schleifer, for a candid conversation. Together, we dismantle the money taboos so prevalent in the coaching world, revealing why these essential talks are often shrouded in silence. As we navigate the cultural unease surrounding financial discussions and the specific challenges women face in asserting their worth. Our dialogue promises to empower you with the tools needed to have honest, transformative conversations about success and compensation.

Dive into our exchange as I share my personal tactics for addressing coaching fees with a blend of wit and candid clarity, aiming to normalize this often awkward topic. Julie and I dissect the fears and stereotypes that women confront in financial negotiations, highlighting the consequences of not pursuing fair pay. We also stress the significance of both market research and gut feeling in achieving equitable compensation, sharing stories that illustrate the profound impact of these strategies on coaching outcomes and personal value.

Tune in for an episode that not only shines a light on the unspoken but also equips you to tackle these conversations with confidence and ease.

In this episode, I talk with Julie Vander Meulen about her article published in our March 2024 issue.

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