Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Beyond the Page Podcast ~Lighthouse Leadership

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Jennifer Zach.

What if the key to becoming an effective leader lies not in your strategies but in your ability to manage stress and foster a sense of safety? Join us for an eye-opening conversation with executive team coach Jennifer Zach as she unveils the concept of “Lighthouse Leadership.” Jennifer breaks down how leaders in high-pressure fields like healthcare can harness their inner light to guide their teams through turbulent times. She shares invaluable insights on self-regulation, revealing how understanding and managing our bodily responses to stress can create a secure and high-performing environment. We also delve into the practice of co-regulation and its alignment with the International Coaching Federation’s core competencies, particularly in building trust and safety within teams.

Curiosity and safety are foundational elements of effective leadership, and Jennifer introduces us to the transformative power of the “three N’s” – Notice, Name, and Navigate. Explore practical self-regulation techniques like scanning a room for calming elements and differentiating between discomfort and real danger. Discover the profound impact of curiosity-driven leadership and active listening, as opposed to dominating conversations. We wrap up with a deep dive into somatic awareness and its role in leadership, offering recommendations for further learning, including Jennifer’s own book on the subject. This episode is a treasure trove of actionable advice for anyone looking to elevate their leadership skills and create psychologically safe spaces for their teams.

In this episode, I talk with Jennifer Zach about her article published in our March 2024 issue.

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