Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Beyond the Page Podcast ~Unspeakables ~ The Hidden Trap Between Us

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Dóra Hegedűs.

Embark on an explorative journey with Garry Schleifer and the exceptional Dora Hegedus, as we traverse the lesser-discussed realms of coaching. Dora, an award-winning coach and recipient of the ICF President’s Award, illuminates the dark corners where the ‘unspeakables’ linger, those challenging topics that can significantly influence coaching results. Our conversation delves into her thought-provoking article, “Unspeakables: The Hidden Trap Between Us,” offering powerful insights and invaluable coaching tips to courageously confront these issues for impactful and lasting change.

Prepare to be captivated as we discuss the sensitive nature of client secrets and the introspection required by coaches to maintain a non-judgmental stance. Learn how self-awareness and honesty are pivotal in dealing with personal biases that may surface, and discover strategies to address and process these challenges. The dialogue deepens as we examine the intricate power dynamics and the essence of trust within the coach-client relationship, rounding off with reflections on intuition’s vital role in coaching. This episode promises to leave you enlightened and equipped to approach the unsaid with confidence and clarity.

In this episode, I talk with Dóra Hegedűs about her article published in our March 2024 issue.

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