Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Beyond the Page Podcast -So, Will Coaches Be Replaced by Robots?

So, Will Coaches be Replaced by Robots?

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring David Clutterbuck.

In this podcast episode featuring David Clutterbuck, a pioneer in developmental coaching and mentoring, the topic of integrating AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the world of professional coaching is explored. The discussion revolves around whether AI will replace human coaches or serve as a partnership.

David emphasizes that AI can excel at following processes and algorithms, making it useful for routine tasks, but it lacks the human qualities, such as empathy and wisdom, that are essential for coaching’s deeper aspects. The key idea is that AI should be seen as a collaborative tool that enhances coaching by handling certain tasks, allowing human coaches to focus on more intricate, relationship-based aspects of the practice.
The emphasis is on creating a harmonious partnership between AI and human coaching, with coaches retaining responsibility for ethical considerations and decision-making.

The conversation also delves into the future of coaching, acknowledging that AI will likely disrupt the industry but ultimately lead to more skilled and capable coaches who can effectively partner with technology. The need for coaches to differentiate themselves from AI and continue developing their own capabilities is highlighted.

David Clutterbuck is one of the early pioneers of developmental coaching and mentoring and co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. (EMCC) Author of more than 70 books, including the first evidence-based titles on coaching culture and team coaching, he is visiting professor at four business schools. He leads a global network of specialist mentoring and coaching training consultants, Coaching and Mentoring International.

I would love to know your thoughts on David’s interview.  Comment below with what some of your takeaways were.

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