Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Beyond the Page Podcast ~ How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Coaches’ Professional Development

How Artificial Intelligence Can Support Coaches’ Professional Development

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Carla Benedetti

Imagine merging the worlds of artificial intelligence and life coaching—sounds intriguing, right? Today’s guest, the remarkable Carla Benedetti, has done precisely that. An international systemic trainer and coach, Carla has breathed life into the realm of AI by introducing it to the art of coaching. Her fascinating journey into the world of technology led her to conceive the Mentor Coaching System, an innovative tool designed to enhance communication skills for both coaches and managers. This conversation explores the essence of effective questioning, an integral part of both coaching and AI, and emphasizes the importance of heightened awareness in our interactions with AI.

Carla Benedetti is a highly experienced and internationally recognized Systemic Trainer and Coach passionate about personal and professional development. She has seamlessly developed specialized courses, blending traditional yoga principles with modern coaching tools to foster personal growth and well-being in organizations. Carla’s adaptability to diverse cultural contexts facilitates effective communication and training. Since 2017, she has collaborated with HEC Paris on global coaching and leadership development programs.

An AI enthusiast, Carla successfully founded a community-lab startup in 2020, driving innovative AI models catered to HR and people development processes. Two years of research and development she led to her flagship application, “THeach,” the Mentor-Coaching System® aimed at enhancing communication skills for coaches and managers.

In this captivating discussion, Carla shares insights into her pioneering work at the intersection of AI and coaching. She explores the AI tools available to improve coaching sessions, from fostering conscious collaboration between humans and machines to detailing the BetterUp app—a marketplace for coaches and clients that offers a wealth of wisdom. Carla’s Mentor Coaching System® empowers coaches with scientific readings and observations from their coaching sessions, fostering self-development and continuous learning.

As we explore the profound implications of AI technology in coaching sessions, Carla underscores the significance of ethically using technology with awareness. She highlights how human intervention is crucial in determining the beauty of AI aesthetics.

In this episode, I talk with Carla Benedetti about her article published in our June 2023 issue.

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