Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Beyond the Page Podcast -The Role of AI in Coaching: A New Frontier

The Role of AI in Coaching: A New Frontier

We are excited to share with you the next interview in our “Beyond the Page” series featuring Andrea Paviglianiti.

As AI adoption continues to grow, coaches and consultants may wonder if it will be their number one competitor or their ally, but it’s worth exploring the potential of advanced AI models, such as GPT, to enhance coaching through dialogue, domain-specific expertise, and continuous improvement. Specifically in the Americas, a mentor coach may focus primarily on upgrading the coach’s skills from a technical perspective. A coach supervisor, however, explores the various aspects of self-awareness, relational dynamics and systemic dimensions, to help uncover invisible influences that may hinder the quality of their coaching and expressions of those skills.

As technology advances, AI is increasingly becoming a buzzword in the business world, and its role in coaching is growing in importance. AI is being utilized in a wide range of industries. Now, this new technology is also being incorporated into coaching, allowing coaches to improve their performance and enhance their human connection with clients.

In this podcast, we will discuss how AI could be used in coaching to improve the coaching process and the impact AI will have on the future of coaching.

Andrea Paviglianiti works at IBM as a Data Scientist, co-creating Data & AI solutions with clients across Europe using cutting-edge technologies.

He is especially interested in Trusted AI and AI Ethics.

Privately, he focuses on learning and its challenges, looking for innovative and more efficient ways to master knowledge, skills, and critical thinking.

He regularly posts on his website “The Key To Think” about long-term learning strategies like situational awareness, mindfulness, observation, memory training, and introspection.

Andrea’s mission is to help people have clarity in what they think and purpose in what they do, using learning as a means to grow and achieve their goals; possibly, merging his two professions.

I would love to know your thoughts on Andrea’s interview.  Comment below with what some of your takeaways were.

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