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Doing it What it Takes to Build A Great Team! Part 2 of 4


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Doing it What it Takes to Build A Great Team

Part 2 of 4: Preparing to find and ask for help and then finding it!


In part 1 of this series we talked about who are you, what help do you need, and what is your business? Were you able, or perhaps the word is “willing” to take a moment to think about something simple IN your business that you do that someone else SHOULD do so you can work ON your business?

Who are YOU?

Before I was ready to give away my precious work, the work that kept me safely working IN the business, I had to think about who I was. That part was easy to figure out because as a coach, I have ready access to great instruments to support and guide me to personal insights. The number one access is via my awesome coach, Jeb Bates, who as a dedicated listener, reminded me of what I have said that is in service for me when I needed reminding. Another of my favourite tools that I rely on is the WHY process. Both are great connections to my most important value: TRUST!

Knowing my WHY affects everything !!– WHY I think the way I do, WHY I talk the way I talk, WHY I act the way I act (both in business and in life) and much, much more.

Take a moment now to review your values and what is important to you.

Planning to find and hire your team

Armed with knowing my WHY of TRUST, finding, meeting and hiring the team that has come to support me was much easier. Hence why I asked you previously to think about who you are and what is your business.

The first thing I did was to think about my necessary trust elements such as;

  • Did they have more than one person working for their company? (so that I had the back up I might need during sickness, vacation or emergencies)
  • Did they have someone on their team who had a WHY that matched my company and the work they would be doing?

Now that you have an idea of what work you want to be done, what are your values? If you tried before, what didn’t work last time that you would now do differently?

While you are thinking about the team, continue to develop the procedure for the work you will be giving away. Is it 50% done? 75%? Pretend you have never done this work before and use the procedure. What else is needed?

Remember our saying: progress not perfection.

Looking for, choosing, and then hiring the right team

Over the years I watched for and gathered Intel (yes I have been watching too many military-themed shows lately…LOVE NCIS!) on VA (Virtual Assistant) companies. Whenever I met a VA company while networking or at a conference I asked them my trust questions from above.

When I first met them, I was not quite ready to let go AND I had not completed my procedure documents. Not being quite ready with my systems was a good thing as it allowed me to say, “Hey let me think about it”.

After numerous interviews over many years, (yes sadly I really procrastinated), I was ready to interview, did the interviews, and chose Kristi Pavlik and her team at Adonaii Business Solutions

Your next steps

So are you ready?
Got your values, questions and/or concerns?
Know what work you are going to let go of?

There’s still time to think about what you want someone else to do. Take some time between now to think about what are your values.

What is your commitment level? Are you more committed to being the face and delivery person of your business, or like me, continue to hide in the day-to-day minutia?

Still struggling with these concepts and actions? Not sure where your commitment lies? Bring it to your next coaching session. If you do NOT have a business coach, feel free to take advantage of a FREE session with me to talk about this and get my support: >> Click to hire me <<<

Watch for the next part of this series when we talk about the steps to hiring and then ACCEPTING the help.

And remember, you always have the power of choice!

About the Author:

Garry is a seasoned businessman bringing over 26 years of experience to his coaching. His “walk the talk” credentials draw from experience as the visionary behind several multimillion-dollar corporations.

Applying an approach of “Ruthless Compassion” when helping his business owner clients. 
Challenging clients with rigorous goals, an innate sensitivity, good humour, and non-judgment.

He earned his coach credentials at Coaches Training Institute, Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) certificate from inviteCHANGE, and PCC from International Coach Federation (ICF).

The owner and publisher of choice, the magazine of professional coaching, ( Past President of Toronto ICF Chapter, Vice President ICF Global Board, several, community-based boards and currently serves on the Fundraising Committee of The Coach Initiative.

He lives with his husband Patrick in Toronto, Canada
(800) 553-3241 x 801
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