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A Sticky Situation. Our panel weighs in

We have a regular column in choice, the magazine of professional coaching called sticky situations. A “sticky situation” is a problem a coach is having that we ask our panel of experts to weigh in on. In this sticky situation, our panel dealt with this issue. “My corporate client is facing a crisis in leadership. […]

Does Coaching change the Brain? Neuroscience and Coaching!

Neuroscience and Coaching Really Do Go Together! Over the years choice Magazine has published many articles and issues related to neuroscience, psychology and the brain in connection with coaching. We’ve asked: How does coaching impact the mind? Is the mind limited to the brain or does it include the body and more? Does working with […]

A Coaching Credential ~ Is it important?

The Importance of Earning a Coaching Credential You’ve become a coach! Congratulations on joining a rewarding and rapidly growing profession. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is whether to earn a coaching credential. This was a very important decision in my coaching development and I have achieved and maintained my PCC […]

Looking with clarity into 2020!

All vision jokes aside, it’s time to think forward and be looking with clarity into 2020. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about the traditional exercise of creating new year’s resolutions. On our local radio station, there was a report about a study that said 6% of New Year’s resolutions only last until the […]

Why creating more free time is what REALLY matters

It’s a special time of the year. A time when having free time REALLY matters. Why? Maybe we want to spend some time with friends and family celebrating the season. Or perhaps taking the time to recharge ourselves from the usual day-to-day madness. Can you create time? Of course, you can! Why? Because free time […]

Coaching Connections Are Important For Our Business And Personal Growth

Coaches NEED connections to thrive!  Coaches are a slightly different breed of entrepreneur. We mostly work one-on-one and with technology today, we don’t even need to leave our offices…which are usually our homes. Let’s paint this picture. We live and work from home. We don’t really have to leave the comfort of our home. We […]


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