Sunday, August 23, 2015

Impact! What Coaching Really Does


After 13 years of publishing choice Magazine, one would think there wouldn’t be anything new and fresh to receive and publish; certainly no new perspectives. And one would most certainly be wrong!

For this issue, titled Impact!, it was absolutely delightful to receive articles that not only reveal the impact on clients and organizations, but also the surprising impact on coaches themselves. Upon reading these great articles I was quickly reminded of the impact coaching has had on my life.

Many thanks to the writers who looked outside the box to see what was available both inside and outside the coaching relationship. As I write this note to you it is after attending and/or presenting at six coaching conferences since February. Our industry news department reflects the highlights of many of the conferences. The fact that there were so many conferences is a testament to the many visionaries, and even more volunteers, that bring these awesome events to reality.

It was such a delight to not only work with many organizers but to meet and spend quality time with so many great coaches and sponsors (perhaps you were one of them). If not, I invite you to become a volunteer, presenter, sponsor and/or attendee at these great events in coming months and years.

The energy and outcomes were palpable and have carried me forward for many weeks and months afterwards. Check out our “save the dates” section here in this issue and at

Finally I want to announce our new choice blog! As you may know, we have been sending you the content-rich Expert Series for many years. These are four-part articles delivered every two weeks that contain amazing learning and application from some of our amazing published magazine writers and some who have not yet graced our printed pages. Perhaps you have seen it and read some of the great articles we have already published.

We are thrilled to support you growth with the Expert Series and new blog. If you already receive the Expert Series you will automatically receive the blog. If you are not receiving it, then you may have stopped emails before we cleaned up our email system and you will need to renter you name and email on our home page at

Thanks so much for reading choice and for being a part of this impactful profession.

From The Managing Editor

Impact! That’s the theme of this issue of choice, and the many writers whose articles are contained in the following pages delivered a broad range of articles about the impact of coaching on clients, on groups, on the wider world and on coaches themselves.

Our opening feature, by Jeb Bates, takes an insightful look – with case study examples – at how to reduce the time required to make an impact with your clients using a systems approach. Next up, Betska K-Burr explores how to achieve a high return on investment (ROI) from coaching engagements, again with the help of a case study for a practical, how-to approach. Denice Hinden then examine how to calculate ROI for nonprofits, with case studies and a by-the-numbers approach that brings home the value of coaching for nonprofits. Our fourth feature is by Renee Freedman and Ruth Ann Harnisch, who write about the impact of coaching TED thought leaders through the SupporTED program. And Ann Betz wraps up our feature section with a piece about the impact of coaching on the coach – how coaching provides a road map for not only the client but the coach to become more effective as a leader, parent, sibling, friend, manager and human being.

We have two “perspective” columns in this issue. The first, by Ellen Boyd and Dee Oliver, spotlights the many ways coaching can help those experiencing poverty to uncover their strengths and work towards  abundance. Our second perspective column, by Dorothy Siminovitch, looks at the importance of presence and sense of self in Gestalt-based coaching competencies. Also in our columns, Janet Harvey delivers another installment of her new “coaching mastery” column with a thoughtful exploration of coaching from full potential, noting, “Being boldly potent, overcoming my own inertia and modeling a fully potent and authentic state of being is an invitation for clients to do the same.”

Our popular departments are also well worth the read in this issue –choice books, coaching tools, sticky situations, industry news and final say will all give you plenty to think about and act upon to become a better, happier and more impactful coach.

Here’s to your ever-expanding Impact!





Bonus Interview with Ridgely Goldsborough and Garry Schleifier

Author and International Speaker, Ridgely Goldsborough, believes in taking complex and challenging topics and making sense out of them. He started his first business at the age of 16 and after graduating from Law School in 1987 has started a total 43 companies.

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