Thursday, February 8, 2018

Expert Series: The Strategic Exit Strategy. Part 4 of 4

The Strategic Exit Strategy:  7 Steps to More Revenue and Happier Clients. Part 4 of 4 

Endings are often great beginnings!  As we’ve shared the first 5 steps to developing your own Strategic Exit Strategy, today we wrap up with the final two components.  These last two steps are strategy and follow-up.

We’ve ‘Reviewed’ the coaching relationship, shared our ‘Gratitude and Observations’, leveraged the moment to get great ‘Recommendations’, and helped set the client up for success on their own through developing a mini ‘Game Plan’, and recognizing ‘Signs’ they might be stuck.

So, what if they do get stuck?  What can we do now, we’re not coaching with them anymore?!  This is where you can build in a ‘Strategy’ for how to identify and handle this, knowing there is a likeliness that it will, at some point, occur.  Why, because people slip in and out of their best behaviors all the time, it’s human!

So, plan for the best, prepare for it and have a clear path for the worst-case scenario too.  What if they get stuck?  Well, this is where a custom-crafted offer for your ‘tune-up’ offering comes in.  Share with your client that a tune-up is a normal part of sustaining their success.  Like with the care and maintenance of anything you value, regular attendance is necessary.  So if, (when), they get stuck you have the perfect way for them to easily return for that boost they need.  Having an unpublicized tune-up offer makes future work, and revenue, an easy “yes” for your returning clients.

Finally, as you’ve walked through each of the 7-Steps you’re aligning yourself, and the client, for continued greatness. So, don’t leave it all to chance, or all on the client’s shoulders.

The last of the 7 key steps are ‘Follow-up’.  Ask permission to set a check-in appointment with your departing client.  Set time on your calendar, at the moment if possible, for 60-90 days out.  Whether it’s a live meeting or a simple email check-in, do your part to make it happen.

When all 7-Steps are part of your Strategic Exit Strategy you can create tangible benefits for the client, and a real opportunity for your coaching business too.  More returning clients because you’ve made it easy to do so, and positioned it as a strategic tool for the client’s benefit.  You have client’s ending their agreement with high awareness and appreciation of the process, you, and themselves! You’re gleaning great testimonials and more!

This puts a new spin on the idea of, “begin with the end in mind”, because you’re beginning with the end in your mind as a way to begin a whole new process, and relationship, with your client.

About the Author:

Terri Hase, PCC, MMC, is a 15+ year veteran in the coaching industry. She is Managing Director at Impact Coaching Academy where she teaches a variety of beginning and advanced coach training programs. Her private practice includes Mentoring and Business Development Coaching. Terri has served on the Executive Committee, and Board of Governors, for the International Association of Coaching.

Terri’s direct, casual, and humorous approach has earned her top status among instructors in the coaching field.

You can enjoy her teaching and innovative training through Impact Coaching Academy. Visit: >> Impact Coaching Academy <<  

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