Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Expert Series: The Strategic Exit Strategy. Part 3 of 4

The Strategic Exit Strategy:  7 Steps to More Revenue and Happier Clients. Part 3 of 4 

In the development of a solid exit process for your coaching clients we’ve discussed the first 3 key steps: ‘Review’ the whole coaching relationship, step into ‘Sharing and Gratitude’, and then leverage the moment to gain high quality ‘Recommendations’.

Today we pick up with steps 4 and 5 – Game Plan and Signs.

With the client feeling gratitude, recognizing their own growth, and likely basking in some refreshed confidence, it’s the perfect time to ask them ‘what next?’.  Yes, they are ending their contract, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have more goals, dreams, or things to handle.

Guide the client into some planning around what they want to accomplish over the next 90-120 days.  The first 90-120 days outside of a coaching relationship are critical times for the client to keep in practice with new habits and mindset changes.  Help support them by calling this time what it is, important!

By asking your clients to plan ahead, what they want to do, how they might get started, and how they might plan to manage obstacles, you put them right into a place of preparedness and personal power. This helps ensure that they have a greater success rate in those key weeks on their own.  You’re still adding value, right to the very end!

The next natural step, Step 5, is inviting your client to identify signs they will watch for that indicate they are stuck or straying. Very much like we establish measures for success within each coaching session, this is an opportunity to establish measures for success that can be used to alert the client quickly to patterns and habits that put their continued success at risk. This will become immediately value as we move into the final two steps in the process.

Until next time, practice these critical conversations and continue to develop your own style around each step.

About the Author:

Terri Hase, PCC, MMC, is a 15+ year veteran in the coaching industry. She is Managing Director at Impact Coaching Academy where she teaches a variety of beginning and advanced coach training programs. Her private practice includes Mentoring and Business Development Coaching. Terri has served on the Executive Committee, and Board of Governors, for the International Association of Coaching.

Terri’s direct, casual, and humorous approach has earned her top status among instructors in the coaching field.

You can enjoy her teaching and innovative training through Impact Coaching Academy. Visit: >> Impact Coaching Academy <<

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